Sunday, November 8, 2015

A Hiking We Will Go

We love to hike, but I've never had an opportunity to hike in the snow before.  It took us a bit this morning to figure out a trail head we could reach with some of the side roads being icy, but we discovered one right in Vail called the North Trail.  We hiked about 3.25 miles total and climbed a little over 1000 and back, while stopping for our Subway picnic lunch.  A few places were really muddy where the snow wasn't think, but most of the trail was snow packed and perfect.  We had great views of Vail village, and even saw New York Mountain and Beaver Creek ski runs from the last crest.  A few chipmunks were out and about, enjoying the sun.  We had a great time!

This afternoon, we indulged in massages and the spa's relaxation room and aromatherapy steam room.  It's the off season, so the spa had incredible specials to attract business.  It was such a treat!

Dinner was at Blue Moose Pizza.  We were so tired that we didn't feel like looking for someplace super unique, but Blue Moose was adorable and really yummy.  We loved that they had the tables covered in butcher paper so we could draw and play!


Lisa Loves John said...

Wow! Those mountain views are incredible!!

Rachel said...

That looks like an amazing place for a hike! I've never really done much hiking in the snow, either--I think the only time I ever have was on a trip to Wyoming!

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