Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Oh, Hey 30!

Oh, hey 30.  You've only been with me a month and a day, but the allergy induced rash on my face that is still clearing has kinda reigned over my 2015.   If only we could pinpoint a trigger for it, I could probably wipe it out for good...

I woke up on my birthday not feeling well at all, but Isaac encouraged me to stick with our plans anyway.  I'm so glad I did.  A shower, curls, and a decent dose of make-up for the rash did wonders.  

It's not a secret around here that we bleed both maroon and blue.  Poor David and I never dreamed our two teams would play each other in basketball so often.  UK and the Aggies were scheduled to play in College Station on my birthday, so Dad bought all 7 of us tickets to celebrate.  Even Man Cub had a ticket!  

This game was a roller coaster of emotions.  We didn't want UK to lose their undefeated streak, but we can't quite bring ourselves to ever root against our beloved Aggies either.  Oh, being a heart divided!

The Ags blew us away by getting on the board first and staying there for over 5 minutes!  What?!  I knew the Ags were having a great season, but to be able to do that with the #1 team?  Gig 'em.

 At half time, the Ags still had the lead.

The 2nd half was so intense I wanted to change our late lunch plans to the Dixie Chicken, but I refrained.  :)  It took TWO overtimes, but the Cats pulled out the win.   I was happy with that...the Cats stayed undefeated and the Aggies put forth an awesome game .

Can I say how weird it is to see inside Kyle Field?!!  Can't wait to see the final product of the renovations!

We all went to Blue Baker for a late lunch after the game.  One of my professors, Dr. B, and her hubby Paul joined us.  It was so great to eat some of my favorite foods and catch up.  

Isaac, Man Cub, and the family made sure I had a great day turning 30.  I love them so much, and I'm very excited to start this new decade.  The best is yet to come!

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