Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Anti-Semitism on the Rise

The news is full of stories lately of hatred toward Jews.  Europe is seeing a rise in anti-Semitism like it hasn't seen in decades.  Attacks at Jewish centers in America have occurred, though more sporadically, as well.  It makes my fume angry fumes.  As a Christian, I know that the promises made to the Jews are the same promises made to me.  I study the Old Testament, and my family is slowly learning Jewish traditions because they still honor the One True God.  This matters!

Today, this was a headline on Fox News. I know many people don't put any stock in Fox, and that's fine.  But the video doesn't lie.  This Parisian walked for 10 hours around his home city, wearing his kippah.  The reactions to the outward fact that he is a Jew infuriate me.  No wonder Israeli President Netanyahu is encouraging European Jews to emigrate to Israel in droves. **Please don't watch with small children around.  The language used shouldn't have to be explained to the littles.

As Christians, we have to take a stand and teach our children that this isn't ok.  I don't care why someone is different from me or whether I agree with them or not.  We don 't treat others this way.  This just isn't right.  It's not acceptable, it doesn't glorify the Lord, and enough is enough. 

On the flip side, hatred in general, not just anit-Semitism, is out of control. Over the weekend, a storage building at a local Islamic center and school was set on fire.  Arson.  My blood boiled.  Isaac was upset.  We both felt deep sorrow that this would happen in our community.  Hatred doesn't win friends.  Anger and a refusal to attempt to understand each other doesn't right wrongs.

Jesus hung out with all sorts.  He didn't agree with all of them.  He lived His life as an example of how to get along with others and love on them even when we don't agree or they choose to live lives that don't bring glory to God.  We need to teach our children this.  We need to live this.  Evil doesn't prevail.  We know that.  Satan loses this war...he already has, really.  So be light.  Exasperate the darkness with your light. Love, love, love.

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The Lady Okie said...

Thank you for posting about this. I agree that hated is not right, no matter if we disagree. And being mean like that is not doing anything to make someone want to come over to your side. It especially makes me upset when I see people who call themselves Christians acting like that, because that is not displaying the love of Jesus.

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