Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

Oh, this week has been full of lovely things!

I love that I can send my two lovies to my parents for a few days, and in that time, Aggie Belle will completely break her 'Geen' into thinking that big dogs cuddling in the bed is the best thing ever.  Ha.  Apparently, 'Geen' and Aggie Belle had the best cuddles, much to her brother's horror.  Bailey thought 'Geen' was his alone.  Hehehe
My cuddle bugs in my big bed!
I love that Isaac has finally finished building his road bike for the MS 150.  This means my dining room and living room will no longer be the work shop and all the tools will be back in the garage.  Alleluia!  This bike is pretty sweet though-it weighs about 15.5 pounds and while Isaac spend very little on the parts, it'd probably sell for close to $3,000.  He's pretty spiffy like that.  Though, I will admit I was briefly afraid the bike would turn out like the car in this Johnny Cash song:

Thankfully, this is the final product:

 I love that one week from tonight I will be packing to head to Dallas to see these two beautiful nieces of mine (and attend TMSA too...). I love my girls!

I love random jean weeks at school.  Hey, sometimes it's all about the little things.

I love what we are praying about doing with a chunk of our summer.  Pray for wisdom and that our decisions will glorify the Father, will ya?

I'm loving these new Scentsy arrivals in my home:

Blessings from this week:
2-13: Beautiful worship for Ash Wednesday
2-14: Dark Chocolate Fondue mixed with Bailey's Irish Creme.  Enough said.
2-15: Beautiful nature walk with the PE kids for the Diabetes Walk
2-16: Evie's birthday party, visiting with long-time friends, and making snack bags for the homeless with ten awesome teens.
2-17: Taking Rachel, Katy, and Sarah with us to The Bridge to throw a birthday party for the residents.  I thoroughly loved every second watching girls whose diapers I changed be grown up enough to love on strangers and bring joy to a room/playground with their smiles and helping hands. 
2-18: President's Day = Teacher Work Day.  That meant I was able to lock myself in my classroom, blast some Dolly Parton, and get a ton of work done.  Oh, why did you come in here looking like that?!
2-19: Great time talking with my mom about Downton Abbey.  Silly TV, but oh how that one gets me!

I love my Jesus!

What are you loving this week?

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Jennifer said...

I have never tried Sentsey. Isn't that crazy??

Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

Helena said...

Sure is a fine finished specamin of a bike - can't believe it's so light!

Hope you have plenty fun with your beautiful nieces!

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