Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What I'm Loving Wednesday

We're on survival mode this week, so this will be brief:

I love this book!  Davis Bunn is one of my favorite authors, but he has struck gold in my soul with this one.  There will be a post dedicated to this book, but in the mean time, find a copy of Lion of Babylon and savor the words.

I'm loving yoga.  I have for years, but in the last few weeks I've finally gotten serious about it again.  I can already tell a huge difference when I sing too-more breath support and better pitch.  Yes, it means waking up ridiculously early, but I haven't complained, and I don't plan on it. 

I love the charity: water campaign at my school. All the students learned about it yesterday, and just at one of our three lunches, over $30 was donated.  Donations are starting to come in on line too.  You can check it out here. These kids are determined to bring clean water to a community!  

This week's blessings:

2-6: Finding out we'd be singing my favorite hymn (Once To Every Man and Nation) on Sunday at rehearsal.  Thanks, Matt.  I had only begged for three weeks.  :)
2-7: 'Supervising' several students after school as they made more posters for the well campaign.  They are determined to see this be successful.
2-8: Rain!
2-9: More rain equaled a great day to run errands, have Chick-fil-A (which was over run by the Navy, Army, Marines, and local police.  It felt like being back at A&M!  LOVE!), and naps.  Peaceful day.
2-10: Setting up a middle school mission project.  Can't wait for Saturday!
2-11: Bailey had a fabulous vet appointment.  Yay for an older but incredibly healthy puppy!
2-12: I worked my first Cross Country meet and might have landed a coaching job for next year.  WHAT?!?  Yep, me.  Oh, help us all!  It'll be a blast if anything comes out of it!

I love my Jesus!

What are you loving this week?

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Jennifer said...

Those kids sound so sweet! I love when they want to help with things like that!

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