Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Charity:Water - We're Gonna Build a Well!

Water changes everything.  Really.  Check out this:

See what I mean?  Without water, no one and nothing can thrive.  Full potentials are never met.   Communities struggle, and the cycle of poverty remains.  With water, all of that can change.  Thank you, Charity:Water for bringing awareness and solutions (clean water wells!) to this problem!

Our youth minister Kyle showed this video at Vision.  A week later, I showed it to all of my classes at school.  The next day, one of my girls, (I'll call her K for now), waltzed into my room before school with a water bottle that didn't have water, but it had change in it.  She waved it in front of my face, plopped it down on my printer, and said, "Miss Laura, what are we going to do about this?"  (She's one of my church kids, so during non school hours, we aren't formal).  I looked her square in the eyes and countered, "About what?"

"The water problem, that's what."

"Um, I do believe I told y'all yesterday I know what I'm doing about it, but I wanted to know what all of you are going to do about it.  So...what are YOU going to do about it?"

"Well, Miss Laura, I'm going to build a well."  Plain as day, matter of fact, absolutely no hesitation or wavering in her determination.

This from a barely 12 year old.  Be still, my heart!  I presented a challenge, and it was accepted.  Praise You, Jesus!

Now, a well, minimum, cost $5,000.  K doesn't have that kind of money.  Most of us don't.  Over the next few days, K and I worked out a plan to involve our entire school in raising pocket change.  Yesterday, K and I visited with our principal who fell in love with K, her enthusiasm, and her vision to make a difference in the world.   I think K heard "yes" with in about 30 seconds of her presentation this afternoon.  I am so, so proud of K's gumption, ambition, and desire to seek after God with the ideas He places in her heart.  Um, and I get to be this girl's teacher?! Oh, I am blessed!  God is using this amazing kid to stretch me and make me grow.  I'm not a fan of calling people, asking for help, or meeting with strangers, but God is using K to work on me.  I am ever grateful!

Now, K has a whole campaign planned to engage the student body, but I told her I'd help her with some other plans if she wanted.  This morning I'll be meeting with the city manager of Nassau Bay to see if there are ways the city might be able to help us reach the $5,000 goal.  K is determined to see lasting change come to a community through the amazing effects of clean water.  Why not get as many people involved as possible?!  Maybe, just maybe, this will spur on more well projects to come from our community to another community in need.  Pray for K and her goal, will ya?  Lord, move!

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