Thursday, April 2, 2015

Maundy Thursday

UBC encourages small groups to gather for dinner, fellowship, and communion on Maundy Thursday.  Some groups even do a Seder for Passover, and while that's something I want to learn how to do, we aren't there yet.  Maybe next year.  Two families from our class decided to have a potluck with us, and with littles needing to squirm and play, it was just perfect!

There is something about reading the story of the Last Supper and pondering Jesus' last hours with His closest friends that always catches my breath.  He knew exactly what was coming and spoke such truth over their lives.  Jesus knew He needed to leave all of us with a tangible way to grapple with the concepts of the cross.  Bread and wine are such perfect analogies for us.  We can see the crushed, juice-running grapes and the torn, broken bread.  It brings understanding to the vastness of Christ's sacrifice for our sins.  And it's a daily act that can be pondered-eating and drinking. 

Yesterday I found out my dear friend Valentina and her husband were in town and free tonight.  This is HUGE because they are from Germany, so we only get to see each other every few years.  This last stint has been right at 7 years.  For the love!  Sigh.  Oceans, shrink!  Anyway, they were able to join us tonight, and it was extra special to share such a meaningful night with friends from so far away.  My heart is so full I can hardly stand it! 

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Victoria said...

Awww! How special!!! I'm glad your Maundy Thursday went so well. :)

Sometime, you should definitely do a seder! There is a group called Jews for Jesus who minister to their fellow Jews in Israel. Last year, someone from their ministry was in the states raising awareness about what they do...Someone at my parents' church invited him to come and lead them in a traditional seder. I went and it was amazing! It meant sooo much more hearing about all of the TRADITIONS from someone that grew up with them and then came to beleive that Christ was the Messiah later on. If you are interested in something like that, I can get some info for you!

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