Sunday, April 5, 2015

He Is Not Here!

This might just be the most exciting verse in the Bible.  Can't you just picture, once the shock wore off, the complete and utter joy that filled Jesus' followers upon hearing this?!  Jesus was who He said He was!  He did conquer death; He wasn't going to leave them.  And the same is true for us today.  I love Easter.  It's the day that establishes our hope in eternity and our faith in the Risen Lord.

Worship was beautiful this morning.  We had a separate communion service after worship, and that was a neat way to praise God and honor Him before heading over to my parents to meet up with my grandparents. 

We all brought different things for lunch, and had a nice relaxing afternoon.  I think most of us ended up asleep at one point or another.  Oh, we needed an afternoon of rest!  Man Cub got an Easter basket from both sets of grandparents and from us.  The stuff from my mom will stay at here house since he's with her 5 days a week, and we just added books and bubbles to a beach towel and truck.  Oh, and his daddy threw in a minion piggy bank.  Ha.  And more bubbles from PenPen and Pops.

May the resurrection of Christ be your all each and every day!

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