Sunday, August 15, 2010

Anniversary Celebration Day 1

Isaac and I found an insanely cheap price on a 5 day cruise out of Mobile, Alabama, so we enjoyed a fabulous trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary. On the 8th, my bell choir was playing in church, and it's hard for Isaac to miss orchestra with so few violinist, so as soon as church ended, we drove to Gulf Port, Mississippi for the evening. A nasty storm blew up right as we were arriving, so the beach walk was nixed, but we found a lovely restaurant called Half Shell Oyster Bar for dinner. Then we drove up and down Beach Blvd all the way to Biloxi, watching the storm and the Gulf. It was a stunning sight.

Upon our return to the hotel, we pulled out the top layer of wedding cake. Yes, we brought it with us to Mississippi to eat on our anniversary. Cake Affairs makes one heck of a cake since it lasted a year in our freezer and then made it in the car for 6 hours. Plus, we took the left overs on the cruise and munched all the way to Mexico!

Our first anniversary was a special day, and I much enjoyed the time we had together to visit in the truck...oh, and speaking of Ol' Sarge, this was his first road trip out of Texas. WHOOP!

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