Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Happy 13th Birthday, Bailey

11 years ago today, I brought home a scrawny, sick chihuahua from the Brazos Valley Shelter.  I still can't believe how much Bailey has changed in 11 years.  He's 13 (or so) now, and his heart has grown even more in this last year as he's learned to adjust to a mobile baby in the house. 

Sweet boy, you're everything I dreamed of in a dog.  A cuddler, a defender, a shadow, spunky, and loyal.  Thank you for being my reason to get out of bed, even still, and countless snuggles in the evenings.  You love a good chew boy and a newly filled Kong.  Other than that, a cozy blanket is what you want most.  Thank you for running to Man Cub's room each morning and after each nap.  You make him feel so special, and he thinks you're just the greatest for it.  Tonight you'll have eggs and dog bakery cookies from Buddy Bites for a special birthday treat.  You're so spoiled a little extra won't hurt.  I love you so stinkin' much, little bug. 

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