Monday, February 1, 2016

Aggie Belle is Five!

This gorgeous, cuddly, precocious girl is five today.  How?!!?  Wasn't it just last month Aggie Belle was the rolly-polley rescue puppy? 

Aggie Belle, you make us laugh each day.  You still think you're an 8 pound lap dog, which usually isn't a problem.  Little kids, bouncy balls, fluffy blankets, the beach, the park, , and all of your people are the things that make your world go round.  You great us enthusiastically and guard us fiercely.

We celebrated all weekend since your sweet little cousin Layla got to stay with us.  Girl sleepover with the two of you are a hoot.  You chase chew bones, wrestle, and then crash on the bed together.  We didn't get any pictures of the two of you, but I think that made for the best party for you!  The whole family went to Petco yesterday afternoon to get your free bag of cookies from their cookie bar for your birthday and to let you go shopping for one present.  You love to sniff the displays until you find what you want.  This year, it was a braided bully stick.  Tonight, you and Bailey had a dinner of scrambled eggs and then enjoyed your bully stick.  What a day!

We are so glad that God uses you to remind us of His unconditional love, sense of humor, and wonder in life.  We love you, sweet girl!

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