Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Trial Run Review

Thomas Locke has manage to write a techno-thriller that this non-techno girl can understand and enjoy!  I was intrigued from start to finish as I worked my way through Trial Run.

In Trial Run, both a private business and the American government have discovered how to expand the mind past time and place.  Morals and ethics collide with the power to control events half way around the world with just thought power.  While Gabriella and her team seek to stop this power from causing harm, the government has no qualms with using their technological advances for their own gain, with no care of the consequences.

I was apprehensive that I might get lost in the technical pieces of quantum computing in the story line, but it was explained so clearly that it never took away from the plot line.  Excellent writing!

Be prepared to start a count down for the sequel!  The suspense is palpable and exciting!

*I was provided a free copy of Trial Run for my honest opinion.  This review is my own and not based on the fact that I read the book for free.

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