Friday, November 21, 2014

Five on Friday

This week has had days where I've had to go 21 hours without seeing my kid...all because he's decided to start sleeping through the night.  Sigh.  I cannot wait to be able to resign.  Hopefully just a few more months.  In the mean time, there have been some sweet moments this week to keep me going between Man Cub cuddles!

ONE:  The hubby's AirStone fireplace surprise was so much fun!  It was cold enough earlier this week to even enjoy a nice fire and stare at Isaac's handiwork.  I'm still amazed at how something so simple completely changed the feel of our living room.  What a treat!

TWO: Yesterday was my school's Thanksgiving Feast.  Not only do we have some of the finest educators around, be we are apparently some of the finest cooks as well.  We ate until we declared nap time, but really we had to go back to teaching.  Ah, well, after today, we can all nap for a week!  :)  I made cranberry casserole and received rave reviews.

THREE: This sweet Man Cub is just shy of 4 months and still hasn't hit 12 pounds, but he thinks he's all grown up.  He loves turning around in the exersaucer and holding his own bottle.  If I pump into a big bottle instead of the little ones, he can hold those too.  What a mess of cuteness!

FOUR: With the cooler weather this week, I busted out my favorite winter drink: chocolate chai.  I like both Big Train Chai Chocolate Chai and   Tazo Chocolate Chai equally, but both have just a bit of a different spice to them.  So yummy!

FIVE: The best news of the week came Wednesday when Kaitlin sent me a quick text to just say "GOING HOME!".  After just over 3 weeks in the hospital for the Conqueror's first round of chemo, Team Ozinga's most favorite 2 year old is finally home with all of his family together. He should get to stay there through Thanksgiving before round 2 begins. God has taught us so much as we've prayed fervently for the Conqueror and his family, and watching God had work has kept us in awe of His power, even on the really hard days for them.  This is one happy kiddo, can't you tell?!

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Erin @ Her Heartland Soul said...

What a beautiful fireplace! And cute baby! Happy Friday!

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